Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Spring grading

My grade report came today, and my GPA was 3.871. Those A minuses will really kill you. The good news is that this raises my cumulative to 3.801. That means that I am still in line for that magnum cum laude. ::: Sigh of relief :::

I just have to finish off fall quarter... Let's see if I can do it. Don't place any bets on my side. Gambling is wrong. Also, you might lose.


  1. I really hate when you complain about being darn near perfect, you know that?

    You are so great at making me feel comepletely... Well... Stupid, lol.

    Love ya Mags! :hug:

  2. You silly silly twin of the almost as silly as you Betsy: What a beautiful grade average! I mean... absolutely beautiful.

    Congratulations. The silly Betsy says I am being to nice. I will now berate you: "those A minuses really kill you!" ha! you are nonsensical.

    But still.. congratulations.

    Betsy's roommate who is now more silly and crazy than she was ten months ago... courtesy of Y
    our genetics.