Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Good day with Shannon

Today I had the great pleasure of having dinner and ice cream with my old high school pal, Shannon. We went to Aladdin's, one of the new restaurants that popped up with the new downtown development. It's a Middle Eastern place, and I had the most delicious chicken pita.

We also went to Coldstone (another piece of the new downtown development... Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea, after all!) and I had some Cookie Doughn't You Want Some. I don't remember what Shannon had; I am sure it was quite yummy.

I paid for ice cream (Shannon sweetly insisted on paying for dinner) with some of the wages I've earned working for my father. I am sort of his secretary, and he is paying me $9.50 an hour to extract leases, take notes, and do spreadsheets. On Thursday, we are going to be doing a walk-through on an office building in downtown Cleveland. Corporate real estate is really not my thing, so I am anxious about how I am going to pull off the "undistressed professional" scam which will be necessary ;)

Prayers are always appreciated!

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  1. You better be enjoying the total lack of taxes on your pay check, lol! I'm such a masocist (sp??) I always look at the figure of how much they took off every paycheck... (

    Even though it just does bad things to my blood pressure! Lol!)