Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bowling for... bowling pins

What a wonderful thing it is to have a blog when one wants to take a break from one's mostly fruitless column-writing!

This weekend was quite a bit of fun, in spite of the fact that I again got very little accomplished academically. The best part was Sunday Mass, of course. The second best part was on Friday, when I got to spend some time with my friends from Catholic Student Outreach.

First, I got to spend the morning with Kate; after daily Mass she made me some delicious chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast at her apartment (mm mm). Then around 5 o'clock, she and Andrew and I went bowling. As you can imagine, my score was very, very low, but I still had lots of fun! I also managed to get my thumb temporarily stuck in one of the bowling balls. Oops. It came out, obviously, but not before a bit of a hullabaloo! ;)

Other stops included New To You, the Athens Book Center, and the steps of St. Paul's, where I accidentally insulted Kate by saying I wouldn't want to live anywhere rural. She wasn't actually insulted, of course.

Later in the evening we met up with some other folks from CSO at the Donkey coffeehouse and played Scrabble. My longest word was "marsh." While there, we met this interesting Athens, Greece-born kid named Tele, who played with us. From the "real" Athens to Athens, Ohio, what an interesting journey that must have been.

All in all, I'd say this is the kind of weekend I'm going to miss when I graduate.


  1. I'm glad you were able to have a little vacation in the midst of an insane schedule!

  2. I bet I could have gotten a lower score! ;)