Wednesday, October 11, 2006


This week has been a difficult week, but, it turns out, a good week.

First of all, my editor - the Associate Editor of the paper - loved my column this week (read it here). Like any other writer, when my editor is happy, I am blissful. When my editor is unhappy - well, you can imagine ;)

Last night was my laaaate night with the copy staff, and I got to work with the Assistant Managing Editor and learn a new skill (cutting pages! Whee!). I am still quite useless at headline-writing, but I don't feel nervous going into work anymore. The copy editors who slot for me (check my work) are both very kind, patient people.

Southeast Ohio magazine fact-checking is still a bit of a bear. Grr.

But in other good news, I got an "A" on a massive magazine class presentation on The Atlantic (formerly The Atlantic Monthly). My professor wrote that I delivered my speech "with a voice of gentle authority." HA! Now I have a new line for whenever my friends complain that I speak too softly... ;)

The only bad part about the week is that I've only gotten to daily Mass once... There wasn't any Mass at all on Monday, and today's I had to miss because, as I said, it was my late night and I got home at 1:30 in the morning. It stinks to miss; I can't remember how I got through life before daily Mass was a part of it. Tomorrow, tomorrow.

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  1. Ha! As if you get ANYTHING besides "A's"!


    Much love babes! ;)