Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Finns love Elvis in Latin

From the BBC:
Finland is one of the quieter members of the EU. But now its turn at the EU presidency has thrust it into the spotlight - and exposed an unusual passion.

Like the boy at the party with cheese straws stuck up his nose, it has been caught doing something vaguely disturbing -indulging a penchant for Latin....

..."The legend of Elvis Presley lives for ever, and it's of course very important to sing Elvis Presley's songs in the Latin language, because Latin is the eternal language"...

Lurking within the world of EU Latin, which is only marginally more difficult to comprehend than EU English, is one delightful statistic - more people subscribe to the newsletter in Latin than to the one in French.

...The news in Latin on national radio gets 75,000 listeners, which may not sound like much, but on a per capita basis is more than some BBC Radio 4 programmes get...

Full article, "Finland makes Latin the King."
If the Finns can do it, than why can't Catholics? ;)


  1. "Like the boy at the party with cheese straws stuck up his nose"

    :proceeds to choke on chai in library:

  2. Also, in light of recent event... "Idiots reputo they're in domus videlicet , tamen conservativism mos lucror dies!" ;)