Thursday, November 02, 2006

Emerging from the cocoon...

Of warm, fuzzy student-hood.

Well, it's not really that pleasant, but I'm starting to get the... hard swallow... melancholies about bidding adieu to my fair Athens. *Sniffle.* I have really loved my time here. The Appalachian foothills are beautiful this time of year, what with all the leaves changing; the beauty certainly conceals the fact that for miles and miles in every direction there isn't... much... of anything... besides... trees. But really I haven't minded life in the middle of nowhere. I'm not a "city girl" at all; I certainly don't pine for the night life!

Here's a link to my latest column - a bit of a dud. And I can tell because when it's a good column, I get e-mails from my readers. Thus far, nada!

Also, it seems the copy staff messed up a bit on it. See if you can tell where; look for the sentence that doesn't really make sense. I missed it, too, the first time I read it after publication... ;)

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