Saturday, October 21, 2006

Good news, bad news

The good news is as follows: I found out that my five last columns have been picked up by U-Wire, which is the wire service for college media. I am now available in syndication ;) According to my editor, our board in The Post has a nice big sign congratulating me, but I have yet to nip in to the newsroom to see it. Of course, now I will start obsessing over whether each of my remaining (three?) columns is good enough and will be picked up.

I'm not sure how I find out where, and if, any other paper published my work. I would love to see it in The Daily Princetonian, for instance, but somehow I doubt that's going to happen!

The bad news is that the wringing of hands over what I am going to do with my life is still in full swing. I have gotten a bit better about trusting God, but I am still a little anxious. Confession tonight helped - my pastor is such a wonderful confessor! As a penance, he told me to pray the Hail Mary, very slowly. It's amazing what profound meaning each word of that prayer has when you really slow down and consider it.

As always, please ora pro me!

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  1. Hey, blogger lost my comment from yesterday! :sulks:

    Anyways, I threw confetti (you must need to vaccum your blog every time I get done with it!) and offered you much congradulations.

    I know someone who's syndicated! Since like back in the day! In 8th grade! How awesome! :)

    How are your classes going?