Sunday, December 03, 2006


Hudson Library sales are less exciting than University library sales... but they are still fun, and cheap!

After about an hour perusing the shelves, I managed to find:

1. Brave New World - I know we already have Huxley's masterpiece lying around the house in several editions, but I couldn't resist.

2. The Complete Poetry of John Donne - Speaks for itself.

3. Gone With the Wind - I know, it's the greasy Big Mac of literature, what can I say? I am weak.

4. Part six of Remembrance of Things Past - "The Sweet Cheat Gone" - I've never read Proust, but supposedly every educated human being is supposed to.

5. The Complete Works of O. Henry, Volume II - I always adored his short story, The Gift of the Magi. But where is Volume I?

6. The Florence King Reader - I am somewhat ashamed of this buy. Miss King (she absolutely hates being called "Ms.") is an anti-feminist conservative, but an atheist, but a very funny atheist.

7. Leviathan - Of course, this book's entire last section is a long attack on the Roman Catholic Church, under the heading of "The Kingdom of Darkness." Besides which, the work's entire philosophy is loathsome. Nevertheless, I couldn't resist picking it up, in honor of those innumerable history classes during which we were forced to memorize the differences between Hobbes and Locke, Locke being the good, freedom-loving tabula rasa guy and Hobbes being the bad, misanthropic totalitarian guy. Those were the days.

All for $5 - not bad, although I was a bit disappointed in their Religion section.


  1. ooohhhh...John Donne is awesome. Him, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Robert Frost, and Mary Oliver are my all-time favorite poets.

  2. So, does it make sense if you leave out parts 1-5 and start with 6?

  3. Gerard Manley Hopkins = my poetic hero! I have second-hand collection of his works, too.

    Shannon, I guess I'm going to find out, eh? ;)