Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dude, where's my car?

Dude, it's like, totally over there in the ditch.

Anyone in Northeast Ohio today knows that we got our first Nasty Snow Spell this morning. For reasons unknown, the state salt trucks never manage to make it to our part of town before, oh, seven o'clock at night. In spite of this, one is still obligated to go to work.

Therefore, I left ten minutes early this morning, hoping to crawl to work and still make it on time; my crawling was apparently not slow and pathetic enough, and so I was punished by going into a spin. It felt rather like a dream, and so I wasn't too freaked out until I careened into a ditch and glided right into one of the massive bushes in Connecticut Colony, which is the subdivision right down the street (I didn't get too far, ha ha ha). The bush was so huge and I was in so tight that I couldn't force open my driver's side door, and I had to crawl through my car and get out of the passenger door. Lovely and scary.

The car looks to be fine, and I'm fine, other than feeling like an idiot. The wonderful thing about being at home is that my dear father came and is "taking care of it," i.e. he is staying with the car and waiting for the roadside assistance to come. That's what fathers are for! Rescuing their young daughters from driving mishaps! ;) I got to go home and nurse my wounded vanity... I got called off of work. One day's wages, pffft.

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