Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

I'm off for a four-day trip down to Birmingham, Alabama, with my mother and father, to see my sister, Sister Elizabeth. It should be fun.

We are driving down instead of flying. According to my father this will save us money, although how he calculates that with regard to our soaring gas prices is beyond me. It's Dad Math.

It pleases me to be off work for so many days; I can only imagine when I go back how the phones will light up with travelers bemoaning their fates on the nation's highways. "He cut in front of me! That's why I rear-ended him!" they will scream. "I need to file a claim!"

Incidentally, I wasn't given a graduate assistantship. Ach, it stings! Or, stinged, I should say. I am well over it. The only trouble now is I can't decide if I should go part time and work full time, or do both part time. The former would leave me absolutely exhausted and with money to spare, while the latter would be difficult to arrange, part-time jobs being somewhat scarce around here.

Je suis toute triste. Ora pro me.

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  1. I hope my sister is doing well! Please tell her i said Hi and that i miss her tons! I at times wish i had entered with her but I am happy with the Sisters decision! I hope you take tons of pics for me!