Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I was called in recently for an interview with the committee that arranges the graduate appointments at the School of Library and Information Science. I think it went well, but I am always terrible at judging such things. They did let me know that they are in the final stages of cutting the list. It would be very much like me to nearly clear the bar and then fall flat at the end. Please pray for me; it would be a marvelous opportunity, and I should be hearing soon.

I'm also eagerly awaiting a trip down to Alabama to visit my sister, Sister Elizabeth. It's been many, many months since I saw her last, and I really miss her. The convent atmosphere will be a welcome respite from the working world, which is really starting to chew me up and spit me out. I don't hate it or anything, and I've only been at it for about two and a half months, but I'm just getting worn out.

Of course, we are all still eagerly awaiting the long-rumored, long-hoped for moto proprio. I haven't been to a Holy Mass in the Tridentine rite since Christmas, and it's not a major part of my spiritual life at all, but I think it would a wonderfully positive move for the liturgy of the Church. I can already see people becoming discouraged and embittered at the seemingly endless wait; it's important to realize that the Holy Father, if he does send the moto proprio, will send it when he's good and ready and not before.

I am not very good at waiting. I reckon that few people are, even though Christians are supposed to be "waiting in joyful hope" for the return of Our Lord. Lent is about waiting for Easter, and Advent about waiting for Christmas; Mary spent about nine months waiting, and the whole history of salvation revolves around the wait for the Messiah. But humans don't like to wait; we want it now, now, now. It's hard to keep in mind that the reason God lets us wait is to give us time to prepare for what He has in store.

I am especially rotten at waiting for answer to prayer. My tactics include muttering a quick prayer in such a manner that it almost seems that I don't believe it will get any results; then I immediately begin bothering (badgering?) our Lord about why He isn't making things clear. My intention for this week is to learn at least a little bit to wait, with patience and hope, for the descent of the Holy Spirit.


  1. i struggle with patience daily!

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