Friday, September 14, 2007


Things that have happened since I blogged last:

1. I joined the legions of people whose identities have been stolen. As far as I can tell the damage was limited to a $1,700 charge at a restaurant in Naples, Florida, which the good people of American Express have taken off my card. Fun.

2. It was announced that my department at Allstate is being shipped to points west - Wyoming, New Mexico, and Arizona, to be precise. VERY fun. It won't happen for about fourteen months, they'll give us three months notice of our exact end date and the severance package is of course generous, which will be awesome for paying off my debts. And I didn't like my job, anyway. But, ack, all the same.

3. I have hit a large pothole, which I have identified as spiritual sloth. Please pray that I snap out of it. Eternal consequences, spitting out of the lukewarm, etc. etc.

But God is still very good and I am very blessed. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ :)


  1. Yes God is still good! God bless

  2. Praying that you snap back out of it.

  3. I updated my blog this week. Will you die of shock? Lol, jk.

    We missed you at Bible study last night.

    Meet you for ice cream in twenty! ;)