Sunday, November 18, 2007

That has got to be one mean left hook

Check this out:

Priest who makes a fight of it when he wants his message to hit home


Meet Father Max Pusceddu, the priest with a difference who uses his fists to spread the word of the Lord.

Father Max, 32, regularly takes to the ring in middleweight bouts against allcomers and leads with an impressive left-hand, or "south paw" to the knowledgeable.

Hundreds of spectators regularly turn up for the boxing matches. Many carry banners with bloodthirsty and unholy phrases such as "Father Max kill him" or "Father Max no mercy." Ringside fans of "Don Max" include policemen, mayors, lawyers and even some nuns.

A native of Pirri in the Italian province of Cagliari, Father Max is parish priest of Vallermosa, which has 2,000 inhabitants.

The priest, who arrives not in a traditional satin boxing gown but his black cassock, has won all his fights bar one.

He uses the bouts to promote his charity fund-raising for a priest training college in Congo and has been boxing since he was ten years old.
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He does have the sympathy of his bishop, although the authorities were initially opposed. And so he's won all but one match! I wonder who it was who had the nerve to beat him!

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  1. Sounds like fun!

  2. Now that's a priest my dad would have loved!