Friday, November 02, 2007

St John Lateran

Go here for an interesting podcast on this beautiful Roman church.... which hopefully one day I will see with my own eyes... sigh.


  1. looks incredible...

  2. Very pretty church! (As such, you only get to go see it if I get to come too, lol.)

    K, I updated my blog, obviously you must now update yours. ;)

  3. I was in Austria with my school last semester (FUS) and on our Rome/Assisi pilgrimage we were able to have Mass there, and my "music ministry" group was able to sing there. I put quotes there because we sure as heck weren't like the other MM groups--all a cappella, except that I sang Ave Maria accompanied by the violin, and we put in a good bit of Latin. It really is a beautiful church...and the acoustics were pretty dang good :)