Friday, November 21, 2008

Ah work

I have been mostly absent from my blog because of my work. We just passed our validation so that is a tremendous load off. My work is quite boring but it pays the bills and is much less stressful than my prior position - no phone work, etc. My only concern is that the company's stock price has taken a tumble recently along with everybody else's. I feel that my job is secure, but then again who knows what is around the corner?

I have started the process of shopping for a car. My big points are safety, efficiency and low price. Right now it looks like the Hyundai Elantra is the best option. I have also looked at the Civic, which gets better MPG but is much pricier, the Cobalt, which is also pricier, and the Accent, which is cheaper but much smaller. My parents have an 03 Elantra which they own outright and which is holding up pretty well, considering it has 150,000 miles on it. I wouldn't be able to buy brand new (only suckers buy brand new cars anyway) but something more in line with an 04 or 05. Could go later model with the Accent.

At my work we have a couple of sort of vehicle brokerage services which supposedly can get you $500 or so off the best internet price for vehicles - I just have to pick which one I want to use. We have CarPerks and Vehicle Advantage. The CarPerks website looks more professional than the Vehicle Advantage site but I don't know which one is really better. Will have to shop.

I am also planning on moving once I get the car taken care of. Somewhere toward the heart of the county I think... by which I mean more toward Akron. Cuyahoga Falls or similar? Akron itself? There is only one apartment place in Hudson itself, it is pricey and they don't allow cats. It may be silly of me but I am actually spending a lot of time looking up "good" parishes in the area and then arranging my search accordingly.

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