Friday, December 05, 2008

5 day weather forecast for Cleveland-Akron-Canton, Ohio, and vicinity

Saturday: Cold
Sunday: Cold
Monday: Colder than you thought possible, so cold that you begin to have delusional thoughts that you are warm
Tuesday: Cold
Wednesday: Cold and partly cloudy, with just enough blue sky for you to look up and feel mocked by the sun

Global warming, wherefore art thou called warming, when these last few winters have been really terrible?

Blessing identified... I have a job that is probably not going anywhere. The U.S. unemployment rate rose shockingly in November to 6.7 percent. Now I am told by reliable sources that the rate in European places like Spain is even higher, like 12 percent - but we are not used to these sort of problems in the USA! You can sense how anxious and upset everyone is. My father who works as a consultant with banks came home from a business trip recently and told us that the guy he was talking to said we were headed for quite a depression, that the full degree of how bad things are is being kept from us to prevent panic. I think that is hyperbole, myself. But who knows how bad it will get... then again other people say the worst is over.

Spiritually speaking I am in the same funk I have been for the longest time. Now that I think about it, it has been going on about two years. I believe the key is that I am lazy, what is that fancy Greek word for spiritually lazy? I go to Confession fairly frequently (once a month) and I never miss Mass, but otherwise I am quite the slacker. I give in to temptation so easily and I resist grace so well. It is Advent and whether it be Advent or Lent I always make promises to myself and to Jesus that this holy season, I am finally going to start praying on a daily basis again, I am going to start going to daily Mass again, to Adoration again. And it never comes off. So I wonder if it is worthwhile to even make the promise, which I am fairly sure will not be kept. I am just tired of being a sinner! My dearest own Jesus, I want to want to be close to you. Please kindle in my heart that desire. Amen.

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