Saturday, December 06, 2008

Bestest Killers video ever

I love The Killers (have never heard a song from them that wasn't at least interesting) but my favorite music video of theirs is for "Read My Mind." The little green monster or whatever he is, is so cute. The video is set in Japan and features some of the more amusing (to an American) aspects of Japanese culture: The Elvis impersonators, the capsule hotels. It even shows Brandon Flowers and the rest of the boys dressed up as geishas!

Actually the capsule hotels make one sad, since they are most often used by Japanese businessmen who are too busy at work to ever go home. They work, go to a capsule hotel for the night, and then go right back to work in the morning without seeing their families etc. America is terrible with workaholism but Japan is even worse, and they have a suicide rate to match :(

But on that depressing note, (sorry) here is the wonderful video from The Killers:

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