Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow snow snow

Ice ice ice.

Spin spin spin.

That is basically how the weekend went, after a delicious Thai dinner at Pad Thai on Friday, a dinner so spicy and so large-portioned that it was not finish-able and I had to take half of it home in one of those cute little takeout boxes. I got a fortune cookie which had a very appropriate fortune, although I do not remember exactly what it was. I confess that it actually raised my hopes somewhat. Bad Maggie, taking more hope from the random impersonal fortune cookie than from the saving and personal love of Jesus. Jesus saves, not bland tasting Asian deserts, which are not even coated in chocolate, which is really the minimum for calling yourself a desert without shame.

My 401k is up 3 percent ... for the year. Since Jan. 1, 2009. My benefits page at work will not show me last year's results, it just displays this shockingly cheerful +3 percent figure. Does this mean we can just pretend last year didn't happen? Get a financial do-over? I would like it very much.

After I checked my 401k I headed out for dinner, and after the Thai dinner about half a foot of global warming had coated Northeast Ohio, making life a little too slippery. Hopefully there won't be more of the same this week.

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