Sunday, March 22, 2009


Item: For the last two months I have had a boyfriend, a wonderful guy named Dan or Daniel, as I like to call him. He is Catholic, a gentleman, and cute. Score!

Item: My brother Arthur got into University of Southern California and New York University. We have not heard from Notre Dame and we can not afford to send him to USC or NYU.

Item: Why does everyone name their dogs Maggie? Maggie is a girl's name, not a name for Yorkie terriers. Why is this not understood?

Item: Does anyone need to be told not to chew gum in church? Apparently. There was a young girl and her mother at Mass today who were part of a baptismal party and they chomped away throughout the entire liturgy. And went up for Communion. What did they do, swallow their gum in the line? Or else bits of the host would have got stuck in the gum while they chewed. And then later when they spat out their gum in the trash, host bits would go in the garbage too. I tried not to think about it. I think our associate pastor is very annoyed by this kind of thing. Lately he has been talking about the need for reverence in his column in the bulletin quite a bit.

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