Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ah, gak

My communications law professor has assigned us a monster paper for Friday. It is basically on Sunshine issues - open meetings, student access to information etc. I actually have enjoyed reading the case law, and it brings back memories from my childhood when my sole goal in life was to be a lawyer. I was really in awe of the legal establishment and all of the prestige that comes with passing the bar. I even did a report on it for the Career Unit in my freshman English class. Of course, through such research and other investigation, I soon realized that the practice of law was Not For Me. My personality just doesn't mesh with the demands of the legal profession. Then again, my personality meshes even less with the demands of the journalism profession, and that's my major!

Anyway, please pray that I manage to do a good job with this paper. It has to be between six to eight pages long, and I haven't really started *writing* yet. I spent the last couple days finding cases, summarizing them, doing my thought percolation thing... ;) My good friend and roomie Lauren is in the class with me so we are going to be suffering together. Best part about senior-level course work: brain-pinching classes = good chance to practice solidarity...

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